....growing your businnes
Owner of O-VERALL Group scored success since 1992. In the space of few years, became leading on Quality Assurance and Quality Control in
the local and regional market of Chemical and Petrochemical main italian customers. Scoring a series of success, decided to enlarge its sphere of
actions founding a Company offering services in Europe.  Following market request and client requirements, the company added new vision covering
covering range of services from Work analisys, Project handling and Trading of Petrochemical
and Chemical materials and equipments. The last division opened on 2010 is Home Automation with
Headquarter CURNO (BG). Today O-VERALL Group is an 360° service company with offices in Italy and Russia
with opportunity to cover requirements of different clients with different aproach.
Technology, innovation, optimization of the organizational structure, flexibility, skilled and motivated
young people, quality and dynamic human resurces, all these factors contributed for company success.