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O-VERALL is structured to find, qualify, and procure specific types of resources, such as materials for a petrochemical plant, and provide services that make it possible to locate and secure any type of items needed by the customer. Our company established long-term relationships with clients, accepting multiple assignments on an ongoing basis. The process of procuring the necessary resources may require very little time and effort, or may take months to accomplish, depending on the client’s requests: we coordinate all the related activities mantaining high quality, efficiency and cost control.

In actual operation, our company will meet with the client to evaluate the needs and desires of the customer. After agreeing upon what O-VERALL is to find and secure on behalf of the client, a period of research and investigation begins. During this phase, we will identify and evaluate multiple sources for the goods or services desired, ultimately settling on a few vendors who can provide what is required.
Dedicated team is established and the branch IWSTOCK was established proposing also materials ready at stock with cleared price and available quantity for clients quick evaluation. For more details visit the link here on the right.